Kwong Yung Chung

Kwong Yung Chung (1861-1884, Class of 1883) matriculated at MIT in 1879, the first student of the CEM to attend the Institute. Joining Cheong Mong Cham (Class of 1883), Kwong also studied Mechanical Engineering (Course II).[1] A native of Guangdong Province, Kwong belonged to the second detachment of the CEM and came to the US in 1873, when he was only thirteen years old.[2] He attended Wesleyan Academy and Williston Seminary before coming to MIT. An athlete as well as a scholar, Kwong had played football at Williston, and was a member of the CEM’s "Orientals" baseball team. Kwong attended the Institute from 1879 to 1881, when he was recalled to China. There he was assigned to the Fuzhou Naval School and later became a Naval Officer in the Beiyang Squadron. He was killed in action at the "Battle of Pagoda Anchorage"[3] (August 23, 1884) during the Sino-French War of 1883-1885, along with two other MIT men.[4]




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[2]  Photographs of Kwong are available in the LaFargue Collection at Washington State University:

Kwong Wing Chung, ca. 1873-76, and in the “Orientals" baseball team.

[3] Reproduction of an image from DSZHB.

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